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Green and Purple Succulents



Biofeedback makes it possible to scan the body for its most acute and chronic stress conditions, attempting to balance or correct these stressors with focused energetic therapy. The main premises of quantum biofeedback therapy are that the body is electrical in nature, innately intelligent, and has the ability to heal itself if the right conditions or stimuli are provided.


The SCIO/Eductor scans the body’s 11,000 frequencies looking for everything from viruses, deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, abnormalities and food sensitivities. It reports on the biological reactivity and resonance in your body and indicates needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities. The information provided is fundamentally different from X-rays, blood tests, etc., as it tells us about the energetic state of your body and the direction in which your body is focusing its energy. 


Once the SCIO/Eductor has measured vitamin levels, amino acids, nutrients, food substances, minerals, enzymes, natural sugars, toxins, hormone levels, muscle tone, disease, bacteria moulds, fungi, viruses and the health and balance of internal organs, it then compares these figures against a “norm”. After measuring the body’s frequencies, it feeds back its own frequencies to neutralize wave patterns. 


Long Distance/Subspace Healing 

Being able to scan and treat an individual from any spot in the world is one of the most unfathomable ideas imaginable, but time after time it has proven to work with great accuracy.


When an individual is born, they have a very specific energy about them, which makes them truly distinct in the quantum world. By having the person's full name, date of birth, and place of birth, distant therapy can begin. This amazing technology allows the EDUCTOR/SCIO to find an individual anywhere in the quantum world. Similar to dialing up a friend on a mobile phone, subspace allows you to dial into any individual at any time, with their permission.

In summary, the EDUCTOR/SCIO combines your personal information, and creates the connection between it and your unique quantum energy fields. In this case, the sender is the EDUCTOR/SCIO device and the receiver is You. Additionally, your pets and home contain their own quantum energy fields so they can’t be touching you.



Patients must first complete an initial consultation with Shelly Templeton.  After the initial consultation, you will be set up with one of our expert staff members based on your goals, availability and treatment type. 

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