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harmony frequency chair

Cost: Included with a footbath                Duration:   30 minutes

*If therapy exceeds 30 minutes, additional charges may apply. 

The Sound Wave Therapy Chair is a Vibroacoustic therapy with low sound frequencies that are transmitted to the body and mind through transducers that convert them to inner body massage. "You feel a soothing tickling sensation washing you from within. Experience inner waves harmonizing your subsystems, and clearing the mind, reset your muscles and balance your body and mind. Reduce stress, reduce pain, and recharge energies. Used with healing frequencies or music that sends sound vibrations up the spinal cord to the brain. The healing possibilities on a cellular level from this sound healing therapy are endless. The Chair can be used alone or with a footbath for the ultimate healing session. 


It Assists In The Body’s Healing Process: 

  • Creates Better Detox Results by Relaxing the Body

  • Relieves Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain

  • Relieves Muscle Aches

  • Relieves Stress, Anxiety, Depression

  • Increases Oxygen Levels

  • Improves Overall Personal Well-Being

  • Improves Sleep Patterns

  • Can reduce Parkinson Tremors


Frequencies incorporated in the HF Chair:

  • Anxiety                            75 Minutes

  • Arthritis                          75 Minutes

  • Backache                        80 Minutes

  • Bronchitis                       70 Minutes

  • Cancer                             75 Minutes

  • Chlamydia                      33 Minutes

  • Depression                     58 Minutes

  • Endocrine System         44 Minutes

  • Eye Problems                70 Minutes

  • Fibromyalgia                 30 Minutes

  • Immune System            70 minutes

  • Intestines                       23 minutes

  • Liver                                30 minutes

  • Neck/Shoulders            26 minutes

  • Oxygenation                  30 Minutes

  • Pain                                  55 Minutes

  • Spinal                              24 Minutes

  • Stress                              80 Minutes

  • Tranquility                     30 Minutes

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